Factory Direct accounts purchasing out of the CPW Fee warehouse.

Direct purchasing accounts of the listed manufacturers may check stock and place orders using this website. 

 Apex Automotive Gaskets Enginetech
BBB Electrical Qualcast
Caldwell Pistons Reach Cooling
Saver-Goodyear Wipers Silver Seal Products
Valve Train Industries Wilson Electrical

Use the Search box to find your parts.  The * can be used as a wild card after entering the first few characters of the part number in your searches

Place items in the cart to order. The Cart has a notes box for entering a PO and your Factory account # (not required but useful for fast order turn around).

You must checkout for us to process your order.   

The pricing and freight that shows on this site will be ignored.  You will receive an un-priced packing slip with your shipment, that slip's ref number will be referenced on the invoice from the manufacturer at the pricing established between you and them.

Freight will be charged or not by the Manufacturer and "Free Freight" listed here is only for customers who are actually buying and being billed on this site.

Remember to put your Purchase order in the Note section of the cart.  Your account number for that the manufacturer is helpful, particularly if you are placing the order late and hope to get it shipped out that day.

We cut off daily shipping at 7:00 PM Eastern time, 4 PM Pacific at the earliest and on some days we still process orders and ship same day for another hour.

We ship USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, and OnTrac. 

For Third Party freight billing you must provide your shipper account number in the cart notes and we charge a $5.00 processing fee for the extra handling required.